Sunday, October 16, 2016

Burns Oregon B-52

Dave McCurry at the Burns Oregon B-52, crashed 1959 while testing low level flight.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Wreckchasing in Oregon

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                                           Parts from Brigadier General Robert F. Travis's B-29.

B/N Gene and the tree he hit in 1973 with his A6 Intruder

A6 Intruder parts from the 1973 Steamboat Oregon Crash

A6 speed brake Steamboat Oregon.

The Cockpit of the Christmas Valley A6. Crashed 1973. Pilot and B/N died.

The stick and flight computer from the Christmas Valley Oregon A6.

                                               An A6 Intruder that crashed in 1973 near Christmas Valley Oregon.                                      

Trees chopped by an A6 1973

                                                                         A6 Engine Steamboat Oregon 1973

The 1st DC9 to crash is up by Mount Hood Oregon. Found it on 10-26-10!
West Coast Airlines Flight 956    N9101

Crashed Oct 1, 1966

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Part of the 1963 F102 Delta Dagger crash near Cloverdale Oregon. Capt. Jimmey Phipps ejected safely and was picked up by a crew of loggers.

Cloverdale F-102

A6 Engine Steamboat 1973.
A6 Part Steamboat 1973